Arne Peninsula

Wildlife of the Arne Peninsula

Wildlife of the Arne PeninsulaThe Arne peninsula is situated on the edge of Poole harbour and about 4 miles from the ancient towns of Wareham and Corfe. Along the southern and western sides of Poole Harbour are extensive marshes, reed-beds and lowland heath which have been designated as internationally important wintering sites for waders and wildfowl. From the lookout hill near Shipstal Point there are extensive views from the Arne peninsula across the harbour to Upton and Hamworthy in the north, Brownsea Island in the east, Corfe Castle and Purbeck in the south.



Arne is  incredibly rich in wildlife, with many species found here being rare and endangered. This DVD takes you on a timeless journey through a year in the life of the deer and other wildlife found within the Arne peninsula.


Arne is a haven for wildlife and is managed by the RSPB. Many birds arne peninsulaare to be found on the reserve, The Dartford warbler seen at all times of the year especially in the early Spring. Usually found perched high on the magnificent gorse, which abounds in the early part of the year. Woodpeckers, hobbies, cuckoos and nightjars can be seen on the Arne peninsula. Reptiles can also be found including the sand lizard, also our three snakes, which include the illusive smooth snake. During the autumn the Osprey can be seen around the harbour dropping in to feed on their way back from Scotland before wintering in Africa. Waders boosunrisest the population on the Arne peninsula during the winter; these include the Avocet with flocks of up to a thousand, which can be seen on the lagoon, on Brownsea Island. The Spoonbill is also a winter visitor and odd ones can linger on throughout the year. Arne is also known for its Sika Deer where close views can be had at all times of the year. September and October are perhaps the best times to see the deer at Arne, when the rut takes place. At this time they become very vocal and can be heard from a great distance away.

If you are willing to get up at the crack of dawn, the Arne peninsula is a wonderful place to view stunning sunrises across Poole Harbour.


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