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Do You Need a New Bird Feeder For Your Garden?

bird feederWhat is a lovely garden without a few bird feeders to add warmth and creativity to the garden? The garden area will thrive when you have a number of birds visiting as they also enjoy eating bugs and insects that are harmful to your garden. Birds help to balance out your garden and keep it healthy. Birds will also keep you in tune to nature and will sing to you every day. Birds also play a big roll in helping you to have a healthy, green lawn, as they will dine on insects that are harmful to grass.

When the Winter months are upon us, its important not to forget our feathered friends and place a few well stocked bird feeders in the garden area. This can mean life or death to a feathered friend. These feeders are going to help our friends, through the worst of winter days. When you decide that you want to place feeders in your garden and the birds discover what you have done they come to rely on your generously and goodness. Make sure that the feeders are well stocked, cleaned every few months and are placed in a quiet place.

There are numerous ways in which to get seed to our bird community, and believe it or not the birds do not care what we put their food into as long as they are able to get to it. However, our personal tastes and human nature will generally bring out our creativity and decorating skills in making our garden look wonderfully appealing to the eyes, through just what kind of a feeder (s) we put in our garden.

There are bird feeders that come in an array of bright cheerful colors. A bird feeding station can be made out of tin, brass, steel, wood, plastic, ceramic and glass. A bird feeding station can be a bowl set upon a pedestal or some sort of holder. They can hang from the branches of a tree, off a fence or from a Sheppard’s hook or arbor. They can come in numerous styles.

Just as numerous as the style of feeders is the type of bird feed available. The most liked by birds is black oiled sunflower seeds or peanuts in the shell. Safflower seeds are also well liked. Thistle seed is popular; however you will need to purchase a thistle feeder, because the seed is very small.

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