Bird Tables For Your Garden

Attracting Garden Birds is Easy With a Bird Table

wooden bird tableWhere ever you live you will have birds in your garden. Hiding in the trees and bushes of your garden the birds of your neighborhood may need a little encouraging to come out where you can see and enjoy them. Bird tables offering their favorite foods are a sure way to observe the variety of birds that come through your area. Many will be yearlong residents. Some will be in the process of migrating.

A bird feeder will provide attractive ornamentation to your garden. It is possible to find a variety of styles from a cast iron pagoda to a rustic log cabin. Positioning the food near bushes or trees will provide security as the birds venture out to feed. To protect the birds while they feed some bird tables feature a mesh surrounding the seed that allows small birds to enter safely.

Additional feeding options such as fat ball holders will attract woodpeckers as well. Bird tables are available to be hung from branches or mounted on a pole. Special feeders for niger seed will attract the bright Goldfinch. Migrating birds are greatly helped by easily accessible food sources. For a closer look window bird feeders can be affixed with suction cups to the window of your home. A garden bird feeding station as is available on features multiple hooks and trays to offer your birds an assortment of treats.

Many other choices are obtainable depending on your preference. It is advisable to find one that is easy to clean. A mesh bottom is a feature that allows for proper water drainage. You will find yourself very popular particularly in winter when food sources are limited. Nothing cheers a dreary winter day more than the activity of finches and robins as they feast at your feeding station. You will begin to recognize the regular visitors.

In spring the proximity of food will encourage nesting. Fledglings will entertain you as their parents teach them to fly. Bird watching is one of the simple pleasures of life. You will be rewarded for the minimal effort it takes to attract garden birds with hours of enjoyment.

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