British Butterflies

The Beautiful Butterflies of the British Isles

Beautiful Butterflies of the British IslesThis DVD contains all fifty eight species of British butterflies, all beautifully filmed in their natural habitat, with accurate and informative facts and figures narrated throughout. Including flight times. The fifty eight species are divided up into five sections: ‘woodland’, ‘hedgerows’, ‘chalk downland’, ‘grassland’ and, ‘mountains, wetlands, heath and bog’. All stunningly captured in digital quality on this 58 minute DVD.

The Beautiful Butterflies of the British Isleschris packham

To have seen all of the British butterflies is for any naturalist quite an achievement – but to have recorded them in such a closeup and comprehensive manner is no less than a remarkable feat. This DVD contains some beautiful images of some of our most attractive insects, all free and in their natural environment. If Fritillaries, Skippers and Blues excite you then you should take a look at this DVD

Chris Packham


uk butterfliesHaving spent the last several years trying to get decent stills of our UK butterfly species, I was curious to see how a fellow enthusiast, Rodney Goodhand, had faired in trying to take such an aspiration to the next level – by photographing all of the species on film! Having watched this 58 minute DVD a number of times, I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with two specific items. The first, as you’d expect, is the quality of the footage – it really is first class. The second is the information that goes along with the footage – which seems to “go deeper” than other videos I’ve seen, with accurate and informative facts and figures narrated throughout. Even the flight times appear up-to-date in our ever-changing climate. In terms of footage, the highlights for me were the Large Blue (the quality of the filming is top notch!), seeing a persistent male Heath Fritillary attempting to mate, the stunning underside colours of the White Admiral, and footage of the valesina form of the female Silver-washed Fritillary. All in all, I really enjoyed watching this DVD and would consider it the closest experience to seeing our UK butterflies, other than getting out there and seeing them for yourself!

Peter Eeles www.ukbutterflies.co.uk


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