The Importance of Having a Bird Bath in Your Garden

Do You Have a Bird Bath in Your Garden?

bird bathBird watching is a favorite hobby for most people. You do not have to go to very far to watch birds. You can simply attract them to your home. Birds eat assorted foods depending on the type. However, all birds drink clean water. It is therefore a good idea to have bird baths in your home as well as bird feeders.

Birds not only use water for drinking but also for bathing in order to cool off their bodies. Bird baths are very essential especially during droughts when the birds find it hard to spot clean water and are stressed due to the heat. A bird bath will enable you attract many birds of assorted types. To make sure that they last in your garden longer, you can combine the bath with wild bird food, nesting boxes and some shrubs and trees where they can rest.

When placing the baths, it is important to place them in an area where the birds can easily spot them. Any predator pets like cats and dogs that you might have in your home should be kept away. Place the bath where the pets cannot hide in cover and attack the birds. An open place is the best for this.
The birds will no longer be attracted to your garden if you do not provide clean water. It is therefore imperative to change the water every two days to keep it fresh. During summer, the water should be changed on a daily basis. This is because the sun encourages quick growth of algae which use up oxygen in the water making it stale. The algae will also make the bath hard to clean.

There are several bird baths that you can buy. They are of different types depending on where they are placed. Hanging baths are placed high above the ground to prevent any chances of predators attacking the birds. The baths should be placed in a tree that has few branches to allow them enjoy a clear view of the surroundings. Solar baths use the sun to pump water and keep a constant flow of water. This keeps the water fresh and cool. You can decide to ground the baths. This will be a permanent position. Pedestal baths are very common. has some of these baths at an affordable rate. You can buy the Garden/outdoor wild bird water bath by OV, Gardman pedestal bird bath by Gardman and Stonetouch garden birdbath by Kelkay.

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