The Isle of Purbeck

The Isle of Purbeck

purbeck mapLocated in the south eastern corner of Dorset, Purbeck is roughly 60 sq. miles of land that is surrounded on almost all sides by water. The coastline of Purbeck is part of Doret’s Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site andincludes some breathatking scenery. The word “Purbeck” is actually a saxon word that translates as “beak-shaped ridge which is home to bittern or snipe”. Purbeck compromises of Poole Harbour, including Brownsea Island which is part of Studland and therefore part of Purbeck. The harbour links to the English Channel at Sandbanks. To the south you find Studland Bay, Swanage Bay, and Peveril Point. To the west there is Durlston Bay, Anvil Point and the Lighthouse, while to the south you can find St. Aldhelms Head.

A swing north and west further along the coast takes you past Chapmans Pool. Next is Kimmeridge, overlooked by Clavells Tower. Another mile away is the village of Tyneham which has lain abandoned since the war. Close by is Worbarrow Bay, just short of Lulworth and close to the tank firing ranges, where a swing inland takes you to Luckford Lake which is presumed to be the western boundary to Purbeck leaving most of Lulworth to the west. Further north at West Holme you join with the River Frome which meanders easterly, passing the ancient town of Wareham to flow into Poole Harbour.

Purbeck DVD


Purbeck Through The Seasons


Purbeck has a wealth of wildlife few other places in Britain can match. This DVD takes you on a journey of discovery, uncovering the delights of this enchanted corner of England. From the heathland home of the Dartford Warblers, Hobbies and rare reptiles to sheer sea cliffs, the haunt of Peregrines and numerous sea-birds.Over open downlands, where orchids and blue butterflies abound, to the rivers and and wetlands inhabited by Kingfishers, Curlews and Dragonflies… This DVD has it all and much more.


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