Feed Your Garden Birds With Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Seed

wild bird seedAll creatures need food, water and shelter. Providing these in the garden attracts and keeps birds visiting. A wide range of wild bird food, offered throughout the garden, means that your garden could become home to many species.

The backbone of any wild bird seed feeding system is a high quality general mix, such as Wild Bird Seed by Bird Care. The black sunflower seeds, corn and wheat mix contains no fillers that are unattractive to local bird species. A few feeders kept filled with this selection spoil the birds and keep them coming back for more.

Although a general wild bird food mix offers food to many species of seedeaters, other options attract even more variety of birds to the garden. You should feed smaller songbirds, such as Goldfinches, Linnets and Siskins separately. Chapelwood Niger Seed, in a niger seed feeder, protect these shy species from competition. Larger birds, that are happy to eat less expensive seed, cannot get the seed out of the special feeders designed to hold this seed.

There are birds that do not eat seeds, or supplement their diets with berries and insects. If you put suet feeders around the garden, these birds will have a steady supply of food.

Chapelwood Suet Balls are the perfect food to supply to the nuts and berry eating species. Suet balls are high-energy foods and you should keep them out in the garden year round. It supplies migratory birds with the energy needed to relocate and helps the birds to recover from a lean winter in springtime.

It does not take many different types of food to keep the wild birds happy and fed, but it does take a few. You need to figure out what birds you want to attract and then simply provide the food that they like. Once the birds discover that your backyard is a great buffet table, they will return for years to come. The parent birds teach the young to come to your garden. This creates generations of wild birds that consider your home to be theirs.

The final step to attracting birds to your garden is adding a few nesting boxes and water. This fulfills every aspect of the wild bird’s life. They will have shelter, food and water. These supplies help to preserve the natural balance in the garden.

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