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The RMG Wildlife DVD Collection

wildlife dvdsOver the years we have produced many wildlife DVDs. Most of our DVDs are shot in the county of Dorset where we are based although we have some titles that are not just about Dorset or Dorset Wildlife. The Beautiful Butterflies of The British Isles was shot in various different locations throughout England and Scotland, while Kruger Park – My Way, was shot exclusively in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

For out most recent Dorset DVDs we have moved away from the wildlife and focused more on the beautiful towns and villages found in this wonderful county. All our DVDs are available from Amazon.co.uk. Simply click on any of the DVDs to be taken directly to the Amazon online store.



Beautiful Butterflies of the British Islesdorest coast and coastal pathPurbeck Through The Seasons

Dorset Towns and Villages vol 1Dorset Towns & Villages vol2Dorset Towns & Villages vol3

Sett On The HeathWildlife of the Arne PeninsulaKruger Park - My Way

Dorset Towns & Villages TrilogyWildlife of DorsetDorset Towns and Villages vol 4

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