Bird Table & Bird Box Plans

Bird Table & Bird Box Plans That Beat All Others!

4 wooden bird tables and boxesIf you’re anything like me you probably prefer making things instead of buying them. When it comes to bird tables and bird boxes, the prices can sometimes be pretty expensive.

The obvious solution is to make your own. That’s what we started doing. Our first attempts at making our own bird table and bird boxes weren’t very good. Although they did the job, they weren’t very pleasing on the eye. That all changed when we found some top notch bird table plans and bird box plans on the Internet.


Woodworking Plans For Bird Tables/Boxes

Ted’s woodworking plans actually contain over 16,000 highly detailed woodworking plans. It includes plans for just about everything but most importantly, it includes lots of bird table plans, bird box plans and bird feeder plans. There are so many bird box designs to choose from, it’s incredible.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are sold online as an ‘information product’. In the past your only option of getting hold of some bird table plans or bird box plans would have been to buy a book. Now though you can buy something like this over the Internet and instantly download it to your computer.

Teds Woodworking ProjectsThere’s nothing complicated involved. Once you’ve paid for the package you just click download and you’ll instantly have 16,000 woodworking plans on your computer of which there are hundreds of bird box and bird table plans to choose from.

The best thing is you get instant access to every plan you could ever want. There’s no waiting involved which means you can choose a bird box plan that you like and begin making it straight away!

It’s great value when you think how much a book would cost with the same amount of plans!

 If you’ve never bought anything like this before, RMG Wildlife can guarantee it’s 100% safe and you are covered with a 60 day money back guarantee.

All you need to do is go to the Teds Woodworking website to place your order and download the plans.

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that you’ll need access to a printer. Once you’ve chosen which design to build you will really need to print it out so that you can work from it easily.

As far as bird box plans and bird table plans go, these are best we’ve seen! We’ve built over twenty different bird boxes now and we’re still finding more designs that we want to try!


Highly Recommended!!


Go to the Teds Woodworking Projects website for more information


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