Dorset Towns and Villages

Dorset Towns and Villages DVD

dorset villages vol 1Dorset is famous for its striking scenery, patchwork fields, small country roads and dramatic coastline. Dotted around within this lovely county are some of England’s most beautiful towns and villages. This DVD takes you on a journey through some of these wonderful places including East & West Lulworth, Corfe, Milton Abbas, Tolpuddle, Wareham, Kingston and Worth.
This is our first DVD shot totally in true 9:10 widescreen



Towns and Villages vol 1Dorset villages

In volume 1 of this series we sped an hour taking a look at some of the beautiful towns and villages which are found around Dorset. Tolpuddle, with its quaint thatch cottages that date back to the doomsday book and probably most well known for being the home of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Wareham, the saxon walled town built between two rivers. Corfe with its lovely purbeck stone cottages and the famous ruined castle. Milton Abbas with its spectacular Abbey. Kingston & Worth which are set high up in the Purbeck Hills close to the cliffs and finally East & West Lulworth with the famous Lulworth Castle and the spectacular cove to which thousands of tourists flock each year.


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